In what way is a Japanese sushi restaurant different?

TokyoThe most exclusive sushi restaurants in Tokyo are very different compared to European restaurants.
The size of a Japanese sushi restaurant can vary widely, but often the restaurants are very small. There are no more than 6 – 15 seats in the restaurant and there are several reasons for that.

Tokyo has 20 million citizens in a very small geographic area. Besides the many people living in Tokyo there must also be room for restaurants and shops.On most streets have at least one restaurant so in addition to fierce competition between the restaurants; there is also great demand for restaurant facilities.

Another factor that also is true is that the Japanese do not compromise on the quality of food and service. Tokyo is the city of the world with the highest quality and service.

They do everything they can to provide the best possible service. The fierce competition for food combined with a high quality of service restaurant ensures their survival.

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