Online culinary class: Japanese onigiri rice balls for beginners

Onigiri - Japanese rice ball with filling

Come and join the online live course and learn, and make tasty Japanese onigiri, like a rice bun with unique and tasty filling.
In Japan, onigiri is a popular eat, which is suitable for both lunch and dinner. It is a rice bun with seaweed and filling which is enjoyed by both children and adults.

On the onigiri course for beginners you will learn how to make rice balls with filling.
You will learn how to cook tasty rice, which is suitable for making rice balls.
You use the ingredients and ingredients that are best suited for onigiri.
You will learn how to make 3 different tasty fillings by using Japanese ingredients.
You learn step by step, to use different hand techniques, to make 6 onigiri with 3 different fillings.
And much more

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