Is there a difference between sushi rice?

You bet there is a big difference between sushi rice.
The better the quality of rice used for sushi the better the cooked rice is going to be.

There is also a big difference in the quality of the rice being produced in the USA, Japan, China, Korea and Thailand.

Japanese sushi rice is not necessarily the best rice to buy if you have never cooked sushi rice before. As a “beginner” you must go for the easiest rice to cook. You can buy sushi rice without knowing which are very difficult to cook. As a beginner always start with the easiest one.

Yes, it is a whole science if you want to learn how to cook sushi rice that is of such a quality that it is suitable for being served in a restaurant.

At the Sushi course for beginners I talk more about which sushi rice is best suited for beginners.

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