In 2004 I visited Japan for the first time.

At that time, not many people traveled to the country. It was a country that few people knew, however, more and more people in Europe has discovered sushi.

Since then, it has gone fast. Today we write 2019 and Japan has become a popular travel destination. Japanese cuisine, culture, design and fashion have made its mark in the rest of the world.

Japan’s high life expectancy and healthy lifestyle have particularly impressed the rest of the world. More and more people want to live a healthier life like the Japanese.

In my work as a Japanese trained Sushi chef I have traveled to Japan once a year and gained a thorough knowledge of Japanese cuisine. From my knowledge I have made a small eBook with healthy and nutritious Japanese smoothies.

I hope you enjoy the book.

Price DKK 25 Ad to basket

The eBook is also available on Amazon.com