Sushi chef pictures from 2006 in Los Angeles

I just found an old picture from the 2006 from California Sushi Academy and a picture taken last month. Toshi still were his glasses in his forehead. In 2006, we were all terrified every 14 days because our sushi skills were tested. Toshi is also a judge at sushi competitions in Japan and he is very tough as a judge. In the first picture, Toshi is checking how clean my chef uniform is and then he is checkin ...

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Los Angeles is a city with many Japanese sushi chefs

As a sushi chef Bar Hayama is the restaurant I know best. In 2006 I was trained to become a sushi chef at California Sushi Academy. Next to the culinary school were Toshi's sushi restaurant where we worked in the sushi bar and did catering. In 2012, I was back in LA where my teacher Toshi introduced me to a nigiri technique that takes 20 years of master. There is a big difference between whether you are tra ...

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More Japanese sushi in Los Angeles

More Japanese sushi in Los Angeles Yes, another evening of great Japanese sushi in Los Angeles. Japanese sushi is very simple in its expression but the individual sushi pieces just melt on the tongue.Last night there were several Japanese sushi chefs inside and outside the sushi bar. I get the most out of talking about sushi with Japanese trained sushi chefs. This Friday night I will be back in the sushi ba ...

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In September I will travel to Los Angeles

As most people know I was educated as a Japanese sushi chef back in 2006.   In 2012 I traveled to LA, where I was introduced to a nigiri technique that takes 20 years to master. Now it is time. In September I will travel to LA for almost 3 weeks and I am so happy. My sushi chef teaches aka Executive sushi chef is in LA during the time I am there. It is so fantastic because I get the opportunity to expa ...

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Sushi job in Paramount Pictures in Hollywood

With all that is going on in the world at the moment I would like to pause on a fun moment in Los Angeles. The picture was taken in 2006 on the film scenes at the movie company Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. We made lots of sushi in one of the"street" at a charity event where 5000 prominent guests were invited. Read more about Sushi chef & sake sommelier Zoë Escher _ Zoë har holdt foredrag og afholdt ...

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