Have you experienced a Japanese trained sushi chef?

Probably not very often. In Denmark or Europe you cannot be trained to become a Japanese sushi chef you have to travel abroad. You do now have the opportunity to experience a Japanese trained sushi chef at you own residence. There are many who do, especially at a bachelor party. I get many phone calls from people who would like to give the future bride or groom a very special experience before the big day. ...

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Where can I find proper sushi for vegetarians?

It's a god question I get at my sushi classes. I know a few vegetarians who have been looking for a long time for a sushi restaurant that has more than cucumber and avocado on the menu. I must admit that in Denmark that the choice of vegetarian sushi quite is small. When I make sushi for myself, one of my favorites sushi roll is a vegetarian roll. I do love sushi with fish but eating sushi with only vegetab ...

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What is Japanese nigri?

Many have a perception of nigiri that it is a lump of rice with a piece of fish. It can be like that. When you only use a few ingredients the slightest error or mistake can be seen and tasted. Japanese chefs use several years, to learn to cook rice to perfection. If you do not cook the rice to perfection it will affect the dining experience. Fish are not just fish. It is very important know about the struct ...

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Do Japanese sushi chefs use chili mayonnaise?

In Japan, I have never encountered chili mayonnaise, as we know it in Denmark. It is without doubt a Danish phenomenon inspired by the United States. In Japan sushi chef use different raw materials on top on fish like herbs, Japanese vegetables, eggs, homemade soya sauce and marinade to give the whole dining experience an extra dimension. In the US chili mayonnaise is used very small quantities. The only fi ...

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Lecture: Get close to Japan

Get close to Japan is a lecture for those who want to learn more about the beautiful and mysterious country. In this authentic and personal lecture, the attendant gets a unique insight into Japan, the Japanese style, etiquette, culture and traditions. The attendant will also hear about: West meets East Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo's vibrant life Food traditions and more Enjoy two hours of fascinating and inter ...

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Lecture and tasting of sake, Kun-shu

Lecture and tasting of sake, Kun-shu is an event for people who wants to expand and her about which the sake that tastes best in the category Kun-shu. You learn about the different types of sake that exist within the category Kun-shu. You’ll learn about the most common brewing method for these types of sake. You get knowledge of what distinguish the different types of sake from each other. You get the secre ...

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